F1 could implement push-to-pass

With Champ Car's successful push-to-pass button loved by all, F1 may implement its version in the not too distant future as a compromise to the FIA's proposed lower-tech F1 car.

Motorsport boss Max Mosley has offered Formula One's car manufacturers an olive branch on technology in the row over the future of the sport. Mosley, president of governing body the FIA, is in talks with car makers to allow energy retention systems in F1.

These are used in environmentally friendly road cars to store up energy used during braking to give a power boost for acceleration. Car makers were "enthusiastic" about the concept, Mosley told the Guardian.

McLaren were developing regenerative power in 1998 only to have it banned. McLaren-Mercedes were pioneering a version of regenerative power in F1 in 1998, only to have it banned by the FIA.

Mosley's suggestion is for the regenerative power systems to be used to provide drivers with an instant extra 60bhp for around five seconds. This could improve the racing by enhancing overtaking opportunities. McLaren managing director Martin Whitmarsh said: "It is the sort of technical challenge which we would be keen to undertake. "It's certainly something we would like to get stuck in with," he told the Guardian. More at BBC Sport

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