Pantano again eyes Champ Car

Autosport-Atlas reports that Super Nova driver Giorgio Pantano says he will be looking towards America for his future, after signing with a personal management contract with team boss David Sears.

Pantano, who suffered a number of financial difficulties during his year in Formula One in 2004 when he was driving for Jordan, was initially unable to commit to Super Nova for the entire year. However, he has now believes he will race with the team until the end of the season.

When asked how the deal with Sears came about, Pantano replied: "We made a decision together, and I think that he is one of the good managers around at the moment – you can see what he did for other drivers, for Webber, for Montoya, for other drivers – it was pretty good.

"I took the decision because I believe that David is the right person to look for my future."

Sears is also the personal manager of reigning Champ Car champion Sebastien Bourdais, and as such has a number of contacts in that series. Asked if the series will be a high priority for next year, Pantano noted: "Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"At the moment David is not just following Formula One, he is also following Champ Car, and he has a lot of good contacts there. I'm looking at everything – at Formula One, at America, at everything for the best opportunity.

"We will take the best opportunity, first of all for my future to be a professional driver and not just a number."

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