Ecclestone admits he ‘couldn’t do a better job’ than Liberty Media

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone acknowledged that Formula One's new owners Liberty Media are currently doing a better job at running the sport than he could be capable of doing.

Upon the ousting of the former F1 supremo at the start of the year, F1 CEO Case Carey set up a triumvirate management structure which includes himself, sporting manager Ross Brawn and commercial manager Sean Bratches.

Liberty Media has since undertaken many dynamic initiatives to instill a sense of engagement with Formula 1's fan base, with efforts centered around social media, entertainment and the digital market.

"I've been thrown out and someone else is going to do a better job and I'm quite sure if I went back I couldn't do a good a job as they're going to do. So I shouldn't go back," Ecclestone confessed in an interview on the Claire Balding show on BT Sport.

The 86-year-old still struggles however with how he was ousted at the beginning of the year, when he was expecting to remain at the helm of F1 for a few more years.

"I wasn't ready because before they actually signed everything up, they had asked me to stay for three years, so I was a bit shocked when they asked me to stand down.

"The person that's currently doing what I used to do said would I stand down because it's a job he wanted.

"So I said well you've bought the car, you might as well drive it!"

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