Overheard at Milwaukee

UPDATE Rumor has it that the title sponsor for the San Jose race will be Taylor Woodrow and the race called the Taylor Woodrow Grand Prix. Taylor Woodrow is a very large home building firm here in the United States and the UK. To learn more about them here is their US website address: www.taylorwoodrowna.com Mark C. 06/03/05 We hear there will be a title sponsorship announcement on June 9th for the San Jose GP……The rumors that Champ Car may go back to Mid-Ohio are just that, rumors for now…….Jimmy Vasser said it is irresponsible for a sanctioning body to run open wheel cars on high banked tracks because they are simply too fast for Indy Car type racing – too many drivers get injured…..Vasser feels a lot of fans expect new stadiums and better fan amenities than ever before, hence why downtown city races are popular…..Jimmy Vasser says he does not know what will come of the unification talks, but he thinks the two sides won't come together. He does not think Tony George is interested in a 50/50 deal…..Burned by Tony George before in failed merger talks, one fan coined it "Baloney from Tony"….Jimmy Vasser thinks series needs more ovals and at least one 500 mile race…..We hear Gerald Forsythe wants to organize a street race in Cancun, Mexico and he does not think F1 will ever race there because they want too much money……IRL stars Danica Patrick, Dan Wheldon, Buddy Rice, etc are ALL a product of the Champ Car Series and/or its development series……Tony Cotman said the next generation car will have about the same HP as the current car, in a lighter and sleeker car with a turbo engine and bigger underbody tunnels…….Talk is there will be over 20 cars on the grid next year in Champ Car…..Houston is back in the mix as a possible future Champ Car venue.

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