Coffee to be banned?

UPDATE You can bet Red Bull will not be pleased. Look how much caffeine is in a single can! Red Bull must contravene the doping regulations for all the other stuff it has too! Could be the shortest team ownership in history. 05/18/05 Believe it or not, grand prix drivers may soon face a ban on coffee. Recently, the FIA agreed to adopt World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules for Formula One and other motor sport.

And, according to a press report, 'WADA' is considering banning caffeine after discovering that some athletes may be swallowing caffeine tablets to enhance performance. The WADA laboratory in Australia, in particular, recorded an increase in caffeine use among athletes since a ban was lifted 18 months ago.

WADA director-general David Howman described the increase in caffeine misuse 'troubling'. He told the 'AAP' news agency that the matter will be referred to the 'list committee.' ''They are … considering what should be on the (banned) list for 2006,'' Howman revealed. GMMF1

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