Minuscule TV Ratings costs IndyCar yet another manufacturer

IndyCar has been trying for 9 years to land a third engine manufacturer and for 9 years they have failed.


Because the 9 year old NBCSN TV deal and it minuscule TV ratings has made IndyCar nearly invisible. What return on their investment would a new manufacturer get because all the races are not on network TV and hardly anyone watches NBCSN?


Not much.

And there is still another year of being invisible as they are on year 9 of a 10 year deal with NBCSN


An additional manufacturer to the Verizon IndyCar Series was nearly a reality recently before the deal fell through, IndyCar CEO Mark Miles told Autoweek on Friday.

“We got really close with one recently and couldn’t get that done so the conversation with others continue," Miles told Autoweek. “The one we were close to is not happening for right now.

“There is nothing imminent. There are ongoing conversations with other interested manufacturers as there have been."

Miles declined to identify the name of the OEM that came close to signing an agreement when pressed on the issue. AutoWeek

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