Nine teams might blow off Max again

The nine F1 teams that blew off Max Mosley's last meeting could miss a second successive meeting with FIA President Max Mosley later this month. "The meeting with Mosley I suspect won't be attended," the Australian told Reuters. "It will be tea and biscuits with Todt again I expect. I might be wrong."

The nine teams will meet in London beforehand to discuss the matter: "It will be all about moving further forward with the four working groups," said Stoddart, "taking the 2008 regulations to the next stage and laying down a proper road map of times and dates and objectives."

"We sent the letter to Mr Montezemolo in Malaysia, we've not had a response, there's been no dialogue and Ferrari continue to test," said Stoddart. "I don't think there's any sign that they are prepared to compromise. The nine teams are completely resolute," he added. "Ferrari can do what they like and we are going to stick together. If they do test more, they've got a bigger advantage and if they do end up winning it will be a slightly hollow victory."

"If the decision was not to attend, that's not out of disrespect for the FIA or a lack of desire to find a way forward," said McLaren boss Ron Dennis. It's more likely to be linked to the fact that we'd like to have a clear understanding of what we want and we're not there yet. People should remember that what we're talking about is the post-2007 position. There's a bit of time yet. We don't want to be stampeded."

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