Jensen scrambling to get ready

UPDATE #2 AutoRacing1 was in touch with Eric Jensen Wednesday to get an update on his team and driver search. "It took too long getting the car and team operations sorted to be in a position to do the driver deal in time to go public today (Wednesday)… Unfortunately… But we are looking quite good right now… I have made some very positive new hires, and have quite good and experienced people now… I am not over-estimating our chances, but we will have a reasonably competitive and certainly professional effort at Long Beach," said Jensen. "As for the driver, I have some very good options." 03/28/05 In further discussions Jensen told, "There is no need for alarm. My primary concern is being able to provide a quality race car and team for the sponsors. Certainly this is a struggle being so last minute, and success (at least professionalism) is difficult to assure for Long Beach, but if we don't deliver something decent at Long Beach, it will be very difficult with the sponsors, which would kill this program… so that's why I am focusing on the program details and our planned announcement has been delayed a bit. We still plan to test at least one day before Long Beach and will probably announce our sponsor and driver lineup just before the Long Beach weekend." 03/28/05 can reveal exclusively that Eric Jensen is not going to be able to announce his driver and sponsor lineup in Montreal this Wednesday as originally planned. Jensen told AutoRacing1, "We have had some delays in getting things organized, so I will not be able to announce anything Wednesday. I actually don't think we will do any official announcement until just before Long Beach at this stage (i.e. early to middle of next week)." A lot of people have been speculating that Jensen will choose fellow Canadian Michael Valiante as his driver, but there are so many others scrambling for the final seats anything is possible. confirmed with Valiante that only preliminary talks had occurred with Jensen, with no discussion whatsoever that would indicate Jensen would choose him. Mark C.

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