Sauber to BMW, Williams to Cosworth power?

UPDATE #3 Williams has categorically denied rumors that it could split with its engine partner BMW. "We have a long-term alliance with BMW and we are very, very happy with it," said team principal Frank Williams. Any close partnership like this will have the occasional issue, but fundamentally we have an excellent team." "Several weeks ago, five of the manufacturers announced they would supply independent teams with an engine," said Williams. "We strongly support this initiative because it underpins the future of Formula 1." The Williams to Cosworth portion of this rumor is 'false.' Now it remains to be seen if Sauber gets BMW engines too. 03/16/05 Speculation that BMW will join Sauber as an engine supplier or full partner in 2006 continues to grow. One senior BMW source said: “The bosses at BMW are fed up with Williams’s behavior. The board members ask why they pay millions and millions but have no say in what goes on." Peter Sauber said: “I’m in contact with several manufacturers, and one of them is BMW." Autosport Magazine 03/14/05 It is reported that Sir Frank Williams has kicked off the hunt for a new engine partner. According to speculation, BMW – not happy with Williams' progress since 2000, and the team not willing to sell a chunk – are looking into buying Credit Suisse's 65% Sauber share. Frank, the wheelchair-bound chief, has apparently already made contact with Cosworth, and Toyota. GMMF1 03/12/05 With BMW not happy with the Williams team performance there is talk BMW may add the Sauber team to its lineup and may in fact actually buy the team. Williams in turn is said to have opened talks with Cosworth because their engines now appear competitive with the top engine manufacturers. Williams is said to be designing their own transmissions for 2006.

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