Tomorrow at Detroit

The weather forecast calls for 50-60% chance of thunderstorms during tomorrow's race. Rain shouldn't be an issue during the morning, only the afternoon, but (as the joke goes) this **IS** Michigan, where weather forecasts are not always accurate. While this will no doubt make the race much more entertaining, it does raise the issue that Belle Isle doesn't have that many places for fans to get out of severe weather. Look for officials to play it safe if threatening weather comes this way.

Qualifications for tomorrow's race starts at 10:45. The qualification for "2-race events" (this is the only one this year) is different than the knock-out sessions that we've gotten used to. We have 2 groups of cars, with a single 12-minute session for each. Only 5 minutes of green flag time in guaranteed. The fastest in practice pics whether to have his/her session go first or second (second if they expect conditions to improve, first if rain is threatening).

Tim Wohlford and Lucille Dust, reporting from Detroit

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