Mexico behind NASCAR event with big $$$$

UPDATE If this report is true coupled with the fact that all Mexican sponsors have left open wheel racing (Champ Car and IRL) indicates a major behind-the-scenes power play by NASCAR. To date it does not appear even Corona will be back to sponsor Lavin in Champ Car and HVM's sponsor for Mario Dominguez still has not materialized. Jourdain is now in NASCAR. Fernandez could not even get sponsorship in the IRL and had to sit out the year (sponsorship did materialize for his Mexico City Busch ride though didn't it?) . Unexplainably Mexico's TV Azteca stopped airing Champ Car races mid-season in 2004. In effect, at least from where we sit, it appears that in short order NASCAR has stepped right in and taken the Mexican market completely away from Champ Car….stomped on the competition like a true monopoly does to its competition. And you wonder why the Ferko antitrust lawsuit against NASCAR was settled out of court and TMS got its 2nd Nextel Cup date? We suspect there is far more behind this "conspiracy theory" than meets the eye. 03/10/05 According to Mike Mulhern of the Winston-Salem Journal, a reported $42 million dollars was paid to NASCAR by the Mexican government for a three-year contract to promote an annual NASCAR race in Mexico. That is $13 million per year sanction fee paid to NASCAR for a Busch Series race. Wonder what Champ Car gets given they outdraw NASCAR 2 to 1?

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