Ed Jones deserved to be co-Rookie Of the Indy 500 Race (Update)

Dale Coyne wasn't laughing this time
Dale Coyne wasn't laughing this time


Who in the hell votes for these things?" Coyne was quoted as saying. "I listened to all the Indianapolis radio and television stations and they all said Ed will get it and he deserved to get it.

"It's not fair and at least it should have been co-rookie of the year."

"He set the fifth-fastest lap of the race, he was five spots ahead of Alonso when he (Alonso) went out and he ran the last how many laps with a hole in the nose cap, which just crippled him for straightaway speed or he might have won the thing."

"Everybody on the internet is saying Ed got robbed and I agree. It's a travesty."

Ed Jones
Ed Jones snubbed because the media was ga-ga over Alonso

05/30/17 It was announced Monday night by IMS media members had voted Formula One star Fernando Alonso as the Sunoco Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year.

They made a mistake – as in a number of other year's this year should have had a tie for Rookie of the Year.

In the true sense, young Ed Jones really is a rookie, while Alonso is a 35-year old veteran. The Dale Coyne Racing driver finished third, 21 spots ahead of where the two-time Formula One champion ended up.

Alonso’s finish was not indicative of the race or month that he enjoyed. The Spaniard was phenomenal Sunday and in the two weeks leading up to it. On and off the track, he was everything IndyCar, IMS and the racing world could have asked for and more. So he deserved some recognition.

At the end of the day, these were two quality contenders for the rookie of the year, but Jones’ third-place finish, despite a hole in the nose of his car that slowed him from challenging for the win, deserved to be honored with the co-rookie of the year award – instead he was snubbed.

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