Another F1 team in takeover talks

Formula One could see another independent team change ownership after the recent takeovers of Jordan and Jaguar, FIA president Max Mosley hinted on Thursday. "I think there are negotiations going on with one of the remaining independent teams as I understand it," he told reporters. Minardi boss Paul Stoddart said his team was not for sale. Sauber were not available for comment. Jordan were bought by the Midland Group of Russian-born Canadian businessman Alex Shnaider last month while Red Bull purchased Jaguar from Ford in November and changed the name.

Asked about the chance of new manufacturers coming into the sport with their own teams, Mosley said: "I think they will be watching Toyota very carefully. If Toyota start to succeed in the next year or two, I think that might encourage one or two others to come. "But if they find it difficult, I think people will be more inclined to come in through a team."

Toyota are the last carmaker to come into Formula One with an entirely new team, making their debut in 2002. So far they have struggled, beating only Minardi and Jordan in the championship despite spending huge sums. Reuters

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