ROC may move from France to England

The Race of Champions could run at the all-new Wembley Stadium next year. The organizers of the event, held at the Stade de France in Paris last December, are known to be considering numerous venues across the world in an effort to increase the profile and appeal of the annual event. In addition to London, cities in North America and Asia are also under discussion. Britain’s 90,000-seater national stadium is still being built, but will be finished by May 2006, in time for football’s FA Cup Final. It has no other events planned at present.

“Everything is feasible," said a Wembley spokesman. “However, I am not aware of any approaches to hold such an event at this time."

Event organizer Fredrik Johnson confirmed his interest in the venue, saying: “It is definitely something we are looking at, because it would be an exciting venue, but we have had a lot of people contacting us about hosting an event. At the same time we were very happy with the Stade de France last year, so we have many options. It is always nice to have choices, and we will consider them all – I am not going to close any doors – but it is a question of making the right decision."

Johnson also confirmed that he will be meeting with representatives from the Stade de France within a month to discuss holding the 2005 event in the stadium again. “We learned a lot," said Johnson. “Wherever we choose to have the event we know that we can use that experience to good effect. Once we have met with the stadium officials we hope to be able to make a quick decision on where and when the event will be held."

Prior to last year’s Paris-based event, the meeting which brings together the highest profile drivers and riders from all disciplines of global motorsport, had been staged on Gran Canaria. Autosport Magazine

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