Champ Car return to RA doubtful

The chances of Champ Car racing at Road America took a major step backward today when the Toyota Atlantic series announced they will team up with ALMS in August. If Champ Car were returning to America's greatest road race venue Toyota Atlantic would have been one of the support races. One can bet the Toyota Atlantic folks knew Champ Car was not going to race at Road America in May so they did the deal with ALMS in August. It would have been too cold in May so it is better Champ Car not return and avoid another sparsely attended event.

As Champ Car migrates away from these great circuits in exchange for Mickey Mouse street circuits, the series ceases to become a good training ground for F1 (just ask Sebastien Bourdais who could not even get a F1 test). Once that happens, drivers with money from Europe and South America who have F1 as their goal will take their checkbooks elsewhere. Perhaps that is the plan – to make Champ Car a final destination rather than a feeder series. Mark C.

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