After crash Veach cleared to drive

Medical update from Dr. Geoffrey Billows, IMS Medical Director: Zach Veach has been checked and released from the IU Health Emergency Medical Center. He is cleared to drive.

ZACH VEACH (No. 40 Indy Women in Tech Chevrolet): “Overall, I’m extremely disappointed that we had the accident so close to qualifying. We’d been making such progress all day for this to happen I feel badly for the entire crew and A.J. (Foyt) of course. Still trying to figure out what happened. At this point I’m thinking maybe it was a gust of wind.

The entry to the middle of the corner felt perfectly fine like the runs before and then extremely late in the corner, the car just turned really suddenly. So we need to have a good look at everything to see exactly what was the cause, but with where it happened and particularly how things were feeling then, it caught me out by surprise. I had no idea this was going to be the outcome when I turned into that corner because things felt quite well by that point. So we need to look over everything. I hate it for these guys because they’re going to have a long night and everyone’s been working so hard, and we were finally getting ahead of everything so for this to happen, I’m just extremely disappointed."

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