Is Foyt team on last laps?

UPDATE Larry Foyt is trying to put together a team to race in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in 2005. Foyt also hopes to race in Nextel Cup as Ken Schrader's teammate at BAM Racing if the team can find additional sponsorship. Dallas Morning News 10/17/04 The CART super teams have put almost all of the original IRL teams out of business when they moved from the superior CART series to the IRL. AJ Foyt's team is one of the last of the original left standing. This KRT Live article says, A.J. Foyt doesn't like road racing and street racing, two things the IRL will do for the first time next season. Foyt also doesn't have a sponsor for 2005 in a league that costs at least $5 million to compete full time. And his driver, grandson A.J. Foyt IV, is in demand from some other teams. So is this the end of the line for the Texas racing legend? "No way," Foyt said. "We'll work it out somehow. If worse comes to worse, we'll just pass the hat in church."

"Anthony is staying here for now," A.J. said. "Larry would love to run in the IRL, but he can run well in NASCAR. I just didn't have the right people in place to help him with the Cup team we had." Foyt's critics say he doesn't have the right people to help Anthony in the IRL, a claim he strongly disputes. Foyt says Anthony needs more time under his tutelage, but Anthony is glad other people believe in him. "It's good to know I might be able to go somewhere else if I had to," he said. "You have to keep your options open." Anthony has concerns about A.J. trying to compete next year without sponsorship. "My grandfather wants the best for me," Anthony said. "But with the money it costs to run these cars, I don't want him to go broke on my account." "I'll be running here next year," Foyt said. "We'll find some sponsorship. Companies want young kids like Anthony representing them. I have one more year on my deal with Toyota, and I won't let Anthony leave yet. I believe we have what we need for him to win."

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