Team Penske in secret Champ Car test

UPDATE #2 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' as this page of photos show evidence that Penske did indeed have their old Reynske out at Sebring recently trying to gain that 'unfair advantage' he is known for. 10/27/04 Some speculation is that if this rumor is true that Team Penske is simply using their old Champ Car to give Sam Hornish more badly needed road racing seat time without violating the IRL's restrictions on testing. As for what engine might be in the car, one can assume Toyota had plenty of their old Champ Car engines in mothballs. 10/26/04 Our spies in Florida tell us that Marlboro Team Penske was at Sebring today (Tuesday) and scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) testing what is reported to be a Champ Car, not an IRL car. Investigating further……stay tuned, but this is indeed interesting news if true.

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