War of the Worlds – NASCAR going global

Back in April of 2003 our Mark Cipolloni penned one of his many forward looking articles and wrote "War of the Worlds." While everyone was focused on NASCAR as a domestic series he was already predicting that the Oval Track Cartel, led by NASCAR had their eyes set on the global market and that if Bernie Ecclestone didn't band together with Champ Car to shore up the road racing market, NASCAR and the oval track cartel would take aim to rule the world. Lo and behold, in today's USA Today supplement Brian France Jr. says, ….."We have an international strategy that makes sense and looks at the next 10 years carefully, as to how we can have NASCAR-style racing around the globe. It's going to take a long time to do that, but we are slowly but surely making progress…….[First] We're going to activate the Canadian and Mexican fan bases by taking events directly into the marketplace." Over the following 10 years you will see NASCAR branch out into Europe by buying or doing an agreement with the ASCAR/Days of Thunder series in England and Germany, and then with Toyota and Honda in the fold, they will make a full frontal assault on Asia. With the possibility of F1 self-destructing in 2008 in a war between GPWC and Bernie Ecclestone, NASCAR's future is looking bright indeed. Wake up Bernie and smell the roses, the War of the Worlds will soon be at full-tilt.

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