Tony Stewart to get F1 test

Former NASCAR and IRL champ and Indy 500 participant Tony Stewart craves the chance to test a Formula 1 car to find out if he is quick enough to make the grade. The 33-year-old says his enthusiasm was fired when fellow NASCAR star Jeff Gordon tested a Williams at Indianapolis last year. Stewart told Autosport: “I would love to have the chance to do what Jeff did, especially at Indianapolis. To be able to run an F1 car there would be a dream come true." Stewart also encouraged more European racers to try to break into NASCAR. “Their car control is pretty phenomenal from what we see on TV," he said. “I’d enjoy seeing someone come over here – I think they would enjoy these cars." [Editor's Note: This would be nothing more than a PR gimmick. Stewart was outdistanced by his Champ Car teammates with Ganassi Racing at the Indy 500 and the overweight Stewart would never come close to the lap times of the F1 drivers if they lapped in anger. In addition, Stewart's experience in an open wheel car on a road course is limited. Everyone made a big deal about Jeff Gordon's F1 test at Indy but in fact the stopwatch showed he was miles slower than the F1 pole speed that year at Indy. It was just another PR gimmick to bolster interest in the USGP.]