Coulthard could get Ferrari test role

David Coulthard admitted that a testing role with the Ferrari or Renault teams is possible next season with a view to returning to racing “at the earliest opportunity." Coulthard told Autosport: “If a sensible opportunity to race doesn’t arise, then it would be foolish to rule out a serious testing opportunity. I have had conversations along these lines and if that would enable me stay in F1 next year, with the freedom to return to racing whenever an opportunity came up, I wouldn’t turn it away. Obviously by far my preferred option is to race, but if there are no seats available, then I have to keep an open mind," said Coulthard. “I’m convinced it would be better to remain sharp by driving the cars all year rather than hoping to keep race fit by spending a year in the gym. Jacques [Villeneuve] found coming back very difficult, even though he’s in good shape, simply because of the pounding your internal organs take from being thrown around."

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