Will Larson stay loyal to Ganassi or replace Earnhardt Jr.?

Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson met with the media Friday at Richmond International Speedway and was asked about speculation that he could move to Hendrick Motorsports after Earnhardt, Jr's retirement.

Q: When You Got Signed By Chip Ganassi, He Looked At You For Your Talent And Not What Money You Had. Your Dad Said He Would Love For You To Stay With Chip Ganassi Your Entire Career And Be The Impetus For Changing That Team Into Something That's A Huge Powerhouse. Is That Wishful Thinking Or Is That Something That You Actually, Too, You Want To Believe?

Larson "As far as turning into a powerhouse, it depends a lot on hard work and all that. So, that's all wishful thinking that hopefully it will turn into kind of like what Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports was when he first started. So, I'm very thankful that Chip signed me a few years ago without any funding, because I had no funding, and moved me up the ladder quick. It all kind of worked out perfect with me and my situation. So, I'm very loyal to Chip. I love racing for him. It's been especially fun this year because we do have fast race cars. So, yeah, I would love to be with Chip the rest of my career. We've just got to continue to keep working hard and keep building fast race cars."

Q: And, There's A Lot Of Fan Talk About You, Right Or Wrong, And The #88 Chevy SS And That Sort Of Thing

Larson: "Yeah, I've been reading that a lot. It's funny to look at that and fans think they know everybody's contract situation so I think it's pretty funny." Team Chevy PR

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