RuSPORT could lose Gigante, but expand to 3 cars

Jourdain’s position at RuSPORT has attracted a lot of attention in the midst of news that Gigante may not renew its sponsorship agreement with the popular Mexican in the face of disappointing earnings. Although neither Jourdain or RuSPORT team owner Carl Russo would make ironclad commitments regarding ’05, Jourdain seems likely to return for a second year there. “We’ll have two cars, maybe three," said Russo. 2004 rookie of the year A.J. Allmendinger is contractually locked in at RuSPORT for the near future, but what about Jourdain in the face of the potential loss of Gigante? “Gigante is not 100 percent either way," said Jourdain. “But my relationship with RuSPORT is not dependent on Gigante." SPEED TV

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