Renault will not hesitate to leave

With the threat of the GPWC becoming more and more real, Renault Formula One president Patrick Faure has admitted that the French engine supplier will not hesitate leaving Formula One to join the rival series for the 2008 championship season unless Bernie Ecclestone agrees to change the way the commercial revenue is distributed.

“We have not reached an agreement with Bernie Ecclestone, and we are absolutely not ready to accept that there is not a better redistribution among the teams of the money generated by F1," Faure told Eurosport. "We announced on Tuesday that we are working with ISE, a large affiliate of Dentsu and Publicis, to create a world championship that will take the place of Formula One from 2008, when the Concorde Accord expires."

As Faure explained, the main problem is the ‘Bernie system’ where the FOM chief keeps an unacceptable 75 or 80% of profits from the pinnacle of Motorsports and that the teams, who do all the work and create the spectacle, receive just 20 or 25%. "I don't know any other sport that has that kind of statistic," he said.

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