Bulgaria eyes F1

It seems that Formula 1 is willing to go just about anywhere so long as the money is right. With Turkey and Mexico coming on to the F1 calendar, all that is now left is a race in Bulgaria. And why not? It seems that "a consortium of businessmen from Germany, Switzerland and Benelux" are willing to put up the money to build a $250m F1 track near Sliven. The development will include hotels, a hospital, parking, a casino and even a filling station. The project is being backed by Sliven's mayor Yordan Lechkov, who will supply the land for the track at Ramusha, a village to the east of Sliven. Grandprix.com [Editor's Note: This is another in a long list of examples where Champ Car can fill the void in worldwide demand F1 can't satisfy, if it had a product that was positioned close to F1 in look, sound and performance.]

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