Eddie Cheever and GM trying to buy Cosworth

UPDATE #2 This rumor is downgraded to 'false' with news Kalkhoven is buying Cosworth. 10/07/04 Rumor has it that Stefan Johansson is behind the possible Chinese bid and he was in Shanghai for the recent Grand Prix, we assume for meetings. Mark C. 10/07/04 There is talk that Flavio Briatore could be involved in as many as three separate bids to secure ownership of Cosworth Racing. We understand that at present there are four bids in for the engine builder. One is said to be led by Briatore, while another involves Mecachrome, the former Renault engine builders with whom the Italian has already had a business relationship. Then there is another bid, which supposedly links Briatore, Eddie Cheever and General Motors. Finally, could there be any truth in the rumor that a Chinese consortium was on the verge of purchasing both Jaguar Racing and Cosworth? We hear that all that stood in the way of the deal being concluded, was an official 'blessing' from Ford, but when this wasn't given the consortium walked. Pitpass.com [Editor's Note: Assuming there's some truth to this rumor, if Champ Car hater Eddie Cheever were to be successful in his bid to buy Cosworth, will Champ Car be forced to look elsewhere to have someone service their existing Cosworth engines? Yes, Champ Car owns the engines, but to have someone other than Cosworth service them could be problematic.]

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