Childress close to announcing AOL or Motorola

UPDATE #2 See other rumor. RCR will have to announce that Motorola will be the new sponsor because AOL appears to be getting out of NASCAR. 10/09/04 reports that if the #30 car does not re-sign with AOL that Motorola will be the sponsor. Recall that Motorola was with Michael Andretti but as the IRL TV ratings went into free-fall they have significantly reduced their involvement and are now looking at NASCAR, which delivers the all-important TV numbers. 10/09/04 Richard Childress said that he would be making announcements soon, possibly by the end of October. In the Nextel Cup Series, RCR has Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton signed with multi-year deals, but Childress will have to make the decision whether to retain Robby Gordon. Childress is also working to make sure AOL returns as Burton's sponsor in 2005. "We're probably going to make those announcements around Atlanta or a little after," Childress said. "We pretty much have everything in place. You know, we are going to make adjustments all throughout or organization. We're going to make a few adjustments, everything from Cup to Busch."

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