Luis Diaz to the IRL?

This interview says (excerpts):
Claire: Talk about the driver development program.
Felix Sabates: Well, right now we got three drivers under contract, and we'll probably have one more.
Claire: You will have one more added?
Felix Sabates: Probably talking to one more. We have this Mexican kid, Diaz. I'd like to put him over here [NASCAR], and Chip wants to put him in the IRL car, so we have a little different opinion (laughs). He could use him in the IRL as they don't have a lot of good drivers over there. We got him, and the other three kids that we're working with, so I think you're gonna have to develop drivers. If you don't, you're going to be held up. [Editor's Note: You don't need a lot of good drivers in a 100% throttle, no talent required, racing series, just brave ones.]

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