Concerns raised over new rumors of ‘flexi-wings’

UPDATE This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today with word from the Texas paddock that a number of teams have been caught cheating with flexible wings. 09/29/04 This week's Autosport magazine reports the possible use of Formula 1-inspired flexi-wing technology is causing concern in the IRL IndyCar Series paddock, according to Autosport sources. IRL rules mandate a minimum angle between rear-wing planes for each track but, if used, flexi-wings would get around this by deflecting at high speed, giving an advantage. When asked if he thought flexiwings have been used, team principal Eddie Cheever said: “It is very possible as some cars had big swings in performance on the 1.5- mile ovals, where we are all limited by drag and horsepower." The IRL was unavailable for comment.

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