Kubica makes single-seater return in private GP3 test

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica

Former Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica, who was injured badly in a rally car crash, tested a single-seater racing car for the first time in six years on Wednesday, completing 70 laps in a GP3 car at the Franciacorta circuit in Italy.

“I'm back on the water where I swam for many years, and I must say the feeling is great," said Kubica, who described the experience as “truly wonderful".

“I was surprised, because after so long the feeling with the asphalt and the feelings I remember are back afloat. Of course there were a lot of things that I can do better.

“On the physical front and preparing many aspects you can improve, but my limits are at a good point.

“I did it [the test] in a tricky condition – Franciacorta Circuit is taxing and the GP3 single-seater is without power steering, but I'm glad to have had this chance."

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