Verstappen wants F1 to return to screaming engines (Update)

UPDATE A reader asks, Dear, Wow what a wonderful sound. If IndyCar management had any common sense, when F1 lost that sound they should have jumped in and introduced normally aspirated high-revving V8 engines. They would have had international venues begging them for a race. What a missed opportunity. Eugene Smithfield

Dear Eugene, Too bad that April Fool's rumor yesterday that Ecclestone was taking over IndyCar wasn't true. He was always in favor of the screaming engines and if he were to take over IndyCar I suspect that is one of the first things he would do. The beauty of a naturally aspirated V8 is that it is simple to design and manufacturer, which would make it easy for any manufacturer to participate. Look at what happened to Renault in F1, and now Honda – the technology was so complex and expensive they are spending over $100 million a year to look like complete fools. Not a way to enhance your image to sell cars. Mark C.

Not only is Verstappen fast, he has common sense.
Not only is Verstappen fast, he has common sense. And to think the mental midgets of F1 ruined their signature sound.


Max Verstappen has added his support to the popular request of Formula 1 returning to V10 engines in the future.

The noise levels of the current turbo hybrid V6 power units have failed to impressed since their induction in 2014 and the FIA recently acknowledged the issue at a meeting between the constructors.

V10 engines have not been used since 2005, but Verstappen would like to see them return in order to enhance the experience for the fans.

"I think it would be very nice to have a V10 engine or something, with the lovely sound," Verstappen told

"[The current engines are] nice for me in the car, but I think it’s not really impressive for the fans, if you compare it to a V10 or V12."

"Let’s keep things how they are for the next 15 years. I would be fine with that," he said. "After that they can make the whole thing completely electric.

"After that I’m going to do other things", Verstappen added. "I already have some things in my mind I would like to do, but of course this is still quite far away."

"I hope that the sport is still using a petrol engine by then. One that also makes some sound."

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