Todt is 100% wrong and now he confirms it (Update)

Jean Todt is 100% wrong. Not 1 fan goes to an F1 to watch F1's silly hybrid engines that sound sick
Jean Todt is 100% wrong. Not a single fan goes to an F1 to watch F1's silly hybrid engines. Stick with your silly hybrid engines Jean Todt and the costs will continue to skyrocket, and for what?

UPDATE The BBC reported FIA President Jean Todt said that F1 is "too expensive, too complicated and the cars are too reliable."

He added that it was "the responsibility of the FIA to make the rules, in the context of a desire by new commercial rights holders to make changes."

Todt added that it was "essential" there was "less disparity in pace between teams." [And they can start by scrapping Todt's silly hybrid engines – even Honda can't get them right, and for what? They don't put a single extra fan in the grandstands. A normally aspirated engine is much simpler and much less expensive to build.] BBC

03/08/17 FIA president Jean Todt has cooled talk on a potential return of V10 engines to Formula One, as they would "not be accepted by society."

Many fans have called for V10 engines to make a comeback as the V6 turbo hybrid power units fail to produce a memorable noise out on track.

However, Todt has said that times have simply moved on since the V10 days and that there is no place for them in Formula One.

"It will not be accepted by society," said Todt in the FIA's latest Auto publication.

"We have a responsibility to run an organisation monitored by global society. And global society will not accept that.

"Indeed, I'm sure if you said, 'let's go back to engines from 10 years ago', many manufacturers would not support such a move. I'm convinced a minimum of three out of four would leave.

"Also, we know that stability is essential — firstly, to have as much competition as possible, and then to protect the investment.

"You cannot invest in new technology every year, it is not financially sustainable, and we already complain about the cost of racing, the of Formula One — a cost that for me is absurd."

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