Sebastian Vettel wins Nations Cup for Team Germany (6th Update)

With some confusion, the following drivers advanced to the finals: Kyle and Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) and Sebastian Vettel (Germany) advanced to the finals, which was surprising because Kurt Busch definitely jumped the start in his final race against Alexander Rossi but was not penalized.

Nations Cup Champion Sebastian Vettel for Germany after defeating both Busch brothers is successive races. Vettel drove all races for Team Germany as Pascal Wehrlein was not allowed to race today on doctors orders after yesterday's accident. We will have a full report later. Next up is USA vs The World.

Start of the Semi Final Rounds with Team USA NASCAR and IndyCar, Team Colombia, and Team Germany advancing
Semi 1
Race 23: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) defeated Juan Montoya (Colombia)
Race 24: Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) defeated Ryan Hunter-Reay (IndyCar USA)
Race 25: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) defeated Gabby Chaves (Colombia)

Semi 2
Race 26: Alexander Rossi (IndyCar USA) defeated Kyle Busch (NASCAR USA)
Race 27: Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) defeated Alexander Rossi (IndyCar USA)
Race 28: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) defeated Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA)

Race 16: Kyle Busch (NASCAR USA) defeated Scott Speed (Rally USA)
Race 17:
Ryan Hunter-Reay (IndyCar USA) defeated James Hinchcliffe (Indycar Canada)
Race 18:
Rzadzinski (Canada) defeated Alexander Rossi (USA IndyCar)
Race 19:
Travis Pastrana (Rally USA) defeated James Hinchcliffe (Canada)
Race 20:
Rzadzinski (Canada) defeated Scott Speed (Rally USA)
Race 21:
Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) defeated Ryan Hunter-Reay (IndyCar USA)
Race 22: Alexander Rossi (IndyCar USA) defeated Kyle Busch (NASCAR USA)
Now we move into the Semi-Finals

Race 11: Helio Castroneves (Brazil) defeated Gabby Chaves (Brazil)
Race 12: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) defeated Tom Kristensen (Holland)
Race 13: Juan Montoya (Colombia) defeated Tony Kanaan (Brazil)
Race 14: Felipe Massa (Brazil) defeated Gabby Chaves (Colombia)
Race 15: Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) defeated Travis Pastrana (Rally USA)

Race 5: Sebastian Vettel (German) defeated Jenson Button (United Kingdom)
Race 6: Helio Castroneves (Brazil) defeated Tony Kanaan (Brazil) by just 0.003 Sec.
Race 7: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) defeated David Coulthard (UK)
Race 8: Felipe Massa (Brazil) defeated Glusman (Fan winner)
Race 9: Tom Kristensen (Holland) defeated Jenson Button (UK)
Race 10: Juan Montoya (Colombia) defeated Helio Castroneves (Brazil)

Race 5: Sebastian Vettel (F1 Germany) defeated Jenson Button (F1 United Kingdom)
Race 6: Helio Castroneves (IndyCar Brazil) defeated Tony Kanaan (IndyCar Brazil) by just 0.003 sec
Race 7: Sebastian Vettel (F1 Germany) driving in place of Pascal Wehrlein defeated David Coulthard (F1 United Kingdom)
Race 8: Felipe Massa (F1 Brazil) defeated Glusman (Latin American Fan Winner) as Glusman crashed in the final corner

Hello from Miami where today we have the Nations Cup to see which Nation of Drivers can bring back the glory for their country. Here are the results of the first 4 races:
Race 1: IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe (Canada) defeated NASCAR driver Kurt Busch (NASCAR USA) by 0.002 sec
Race 2: NASCAR driver Kyle Busch defeated Rzadzinski (Canada)
Race 3: IndyCar driver Ryan Hunter-Reay (USA IndyCar) defeated Travis Pastrana (USA Rally)
Race 4: IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi (USA IndyCar) defeated Scott Speed (USA Rally)

Mark C. reporting for live from Miami

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