Tesla’s Autopilot Updated To Precisely Follow Speed Limits

Tesla has quietly introduced an update to its Autopilot self-driving system which will only allow the system to operate at posted speed limits.

Previously, Tesla Model S and Model X owners with Autopilot could equip the system to drive at up to 5 mph faster than the posted speed limit on roads and non-divided highways. Now that 5 mph leeway has been disabled, reports Electrek.

With that being said, Autopilot can still operate at up to 90 mph on larger highways if the driver so chooses.

This latest update to Autopilot comes on the back of a range of other tweaks designed to improve its safety, particularly after a fatal crash earlier in the year. In September for example, Tesla added a restriction where Autopilot would be disabled if a driver failed to abide by the on-screen instructions.

Most recently, a selection of hardware changes started to be added to all new Teslas being produced offering support for fully-autonomous driving.

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