Gary Paffett: “New rules mean that racing will become even more exciting”

Gary Paffett
Gary Paffett

Three questions for Gary Paffett

Gary, the next round of testing for 2017 is taking place in Jerez this week. How do you think the cars are coming along as regards to their development?
Gary Paffett: We are, of course, still at a relatively early stage of development. We're driving a sort of hybrid vehicle with some new parts, but the aerodynamics package is still mainly from 2016. It's a mixture of things from 2016 and 2017, but I'm happy so far. The tires feel good and will ensure plenty of exciting racing. The car feels really great overall.

Do you think that the races will be even more exciting next year?
Gary Paffett: The changes mean a bit less downforce, but the tires will have slightly more grip. That should make it possible to get closer to the guy in front, so racing should be that bit more exciting and also lead to more overtaking maneuvers. It should also prove interesting as regards to strategy. The changes are definitely positive, all in all.

Maximilian Gunther took out a DTM car for the first time on Day 1 of testing. How do you rate him?
Gary Paffett: It was a great day for Maxi. Your first day of testing a DTM car is always very special. He posted lots of laps, putting in some short and long runs, and learned a great deal. Maxi has done a good job and will get another chance to gain more experience in the car on Wednesday. It will be interesting then to see how he improves after having had the evening to think about what he's learned.

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