Indy GP loses sponsor

Why run this race at all? The GP track is not exciting and attendance is poor. The IndyCar season finale should be a 400-miler under the lights on Labor Day weekend on the 2.5-mile oval track. Would eventually draw 200,000 and be a huge success, therefore, the Hulman George family would never do it.

One of the nuggets within the Indianapolis Motor Speedway morning release about 2017 ticket sales is that the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis will in 2017 no longer be the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

Instead, with Angie’s List two-year contract having expired, the race will be rebranded as the IndyCar Grand Prix with the potential a new title sponsor could emerge if one feels compelled to step up financially. A track spokesperson confirmed the news to NBC Sports, and said this could better position this race locally within the market.

The news isn’t entirely surprising given the Indianapolis-based tech company’s recent financials. Per the Indianapolis Star, the company has missed earning expectations, is losing business and has laid off at least 150 people within the last several months. Tony DiZinno/NBC Sports

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