Opportunities Arise For F4 U.S. Championship Team

Emerging opportunities continue to arise for the participants of the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda. F4 U.S. team Group-A Racing was selected by the Lucas Oil School of Racing committee to host the winner of the inaugural Lucas Oil Formula Car Race Series for a day of testing as part of its champion award package.

The champion will spend one full day working with Group-A Racing, testing his or her choice of the F4 U.S. Championship Crawford F4-16 chassis or one of the team’s other open-wheel seats at MSR Houston, the winter base of Lucas Oil School of Racing in Angleton, Texas.

"This is a tremendous feather in our cap," Group-A Racing team manager Jonathan Scarallo said. "The Lucas Oil School of Racing has quickly become a leader in its industry and has nothing but the best people and partners around it. So for them to choose us to be involved by hosting their series champion’s test is a tremendous privilege and compliment to our team. I look forward to having their inaugural series champion do the first test with us this winter, and hopefully many more series champions to follow."

Teams competing for the opportunity were judged on their operation of work, employees, team policies, rides offered and a bid. Ultimately, Group-A Racing was chosen as Lucas Oil School of Racing’s premier open-wheel team.

"We are excited to be working with Group-A Racing to provide this opportunity to our champion," said Todd Snyder, COO of Lucas Oil School of Racing. "This is a great opportunity for our driver to experience the next level up in terms of horsepower and grip and to take the things they’ve learned in our series and use them while working with a team in terms of feedback and car setup."

During the inaugural season of the F4 U.S. Championship, Group-A Racing placed sixth overall. It began the season with Raphael Forcier of Montreal and quickly added Jackie Ding of Schenzen, China, after the first event. Forcier placed in the top 10 and both drivers received the Crawford Composites’ Driver Award, an award valued at $1,000 in car parts from Onroak Automotive North America Co. (formerly Crawford Composites) presented each weekend to the driver who exemplified a professional approach to the event, demonstrated on-track skills and performance, showed determination and had a competitive spirit no matter what the driver experienced throughout the event. Group-A Racing was the only team to have multiple drivers recognized for this award.

Group-A Racing plans on doubling its F4 U.S. field to four cars and is seeking drivers to fill those seats. The team will be based in MSR Houston for the winter and will host 20 additional test days. For drivers interested in competing or testing with Group-A Racing, visit GroupARacingTeam.com or for more information on the F4 U.S. series, visit F4USChampionship.com.

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