Valentino Rossi under fire after ace appears to kick a female spectator at Valencia race

Italian multiple MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi is under fire after appearing to kick a female spectator. (Total BS – watch the video on SUN, a liberal who stuck her large bag out to stop the riders so she could get her selfie and look important to her friends)

The crazy incident happened after the woman crossed his path on the paddock when she tried to snap a selfie with him at the Valencia MotoGP on Sunday.

Valentino Rossi appears to kick the woman with his left foot

The 37-year-old, who was on his bike at the time, appeared to stick out a foot and kick her on the back of the leg – leaving her with a "small bruise."

And according to a local radio station, the woman named as Ana Cabanillas Vazquez, is considering taking legal action against the hot-headed racer.

She said: "I was taking some pics with some friends in the paddock and I knew he was there but wasn't sure where he was, but then suddenly I felt a blow and a shove and when I turned around, I saw it was Valentino Rossi that had pushed me.

Rossi later joked that they may arrest him back in Italy

"I have a small bruise on my leg, and although it is not a lot, I still feel it necessary to report it. If he wasn't such a role model for people, I wouldn't bother, but why should he be allowed to behave like this just because he's in a bad mood.

"Although he has apologized, I have not accepted his apology, and I am thinking of filing a complaint." (Spoken like a true liberal)

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