Goodyear looking to renew contract with NASCAR

At least Goodyear's tires are not exploding on a regular basis like they used to
At least Goodyear's tires are not exploding like bombs on a regular basis like they used to

Goodyear is currently renegotiating its contract with NASCAR which concludes at the end of 2017. The tire manufacturer has enjoyed a relationship with NASCAR since 1954 – and [Greg Stucker, Director of Racing Tire Sales and Marketing for Goodyear] doesn't expect that to change. "I can tell you there have been several meetings, several conversations about moving forward," Stucker said.

"To my knowledge, there are no major hurdles. There are always little items you need to work out, particularly with the way the landscape is now. You have a new TV contract and new social media landscape. I think those are the biggest things that need to be worked through – where we want to focus our efforts, the exposure. How you want to use our assets. That still needs to be worked out. But as far as the operational side, the performance side, I think we're good."

While there have been rumblings about other tire manufacturers attempting to get in the game, Stucker isn't aware of any competition in the category moving forward.Motorsport

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