NASCAR Hall of Fame looted by savages in Charlotte, NC

The NASCAR Hall of Fame has been looted overnight in Charlotte, NC. Windows shattered, signs hanging through glass on $195 million dollar museum. A state of emergency declared on the city, the home of NASCAR.

Keith Lamont Scott, father of 7, was killed Tuesday, at the hands of police. Another black man killed by police had the Black Lives Matter community taking to the streets demanding justice or proof of justified action. No one is asking why the police had to be on the scene in the first place?

Police claim Scott was reaching through the window of his vehicle for a gun. However, photos of the aftermath show a window rolled up. That puts holes in the story of the police. To make things worse, the family claims it was a book, not a gun. There is a video of the altercation and the community is demanding to see it.

Tear gas forced protesters and rioters to scatter across the city. Looters were filmed on live television as they busted windows and entered stores. Leaving with TV’s, electronics and anything they could carry.

It was the second night of protests in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Last night started peaceful. However, after the first few rounds of tear gas were dispersed, the peaceful ones evacuated, leaving nothing but rioters.

Several businesses including the NASCAR Hall of Fame were looted in the process of outrage. Buffalo Wild Wings, nearby the NASCAR Hall of Fame was also hit, rocks thrown through windows. The Hyatt Hotel and likely a hundred or so more businesses were inflicted with damage.

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