Newman rips Stewart after accident (2nd Update)


Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman

Stewart, speaking Thursday at the Chase media day, indicated he will have a different philosophy over the final 10 races of the season than when he turned Brian Scott at Darlington two weeks ago and cut into the nose of Ryan Newman at Richmond last week. "It doesn't matter if they do or don't," Stewart, a three-time Cup champion, said about NASCAR officials possibly watching him more. "It's time for the Chase now. It's a whole different mindset and a whole different approach each week. We've got to go out and worry about what we have to do to win a championship and not worry about the other stuff."

Will he retaliate against another driver who hits him three times, as Newman did at Richmond? "Probably not," Stewart said. "Even in this first phase [of the Chase], there's half of the field that is not even a factor in what the 16 of us are trying to do. You've got to sit there and race a little different."

While [Stewart and Newman] haven't talked, Stewart said he isn't taking Newman's comments personally. "That was a deciding factor in his season, whether he was going to make the Chase or not," he said. "We've been friends a long time, and teammates, and I respect him a lot. It's a high-pressure moment. I've been in those, too, and I've said things. Whether he meant to say it or not or whether he still believes in it or not, it's up to him. That moment is a hard moment for any of us."

09/12/16 NASCAR plans to talk with Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman before each driver gets on track Friday at Chicagoland Speedway to discuss their incident and comments at Richmond, Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer, told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Monday.

"Certainly too late for us to do anything in terms of a reaction at track," O'Donnell said Monday.

"After you hear the comments from both drivers, disappointing in terms of how that played out and what was said on the air. We're going to take a look at that now that we've got some time and certainly talk to both drivers before heading into Chicago and go from there. We're still looking through everything to review the data and then have conversations with the drivers." O'Donnell explained on "The Morning Drive" how they might talk to the drivers.

"Any incident like that, we'll sit each driver down prior to going on the racetrack and make sure, probably individually, that they've talked," he said. "If they haven't talked, we'll make sure they're together before any of the cars go out on the track prior to that first practice." NBC Sports

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

09/11/16 Ryan Newman was involved in an accident on lap 363 at Richmond Saturday night after contact with Tony Stewart:

Q: Are you okay, and why did that happen?
Newman: "Oh, I'm fine. I think it was pretty obvious watching the video. I don't even have to watch it. The No. 14 (Tony Stewart) cut across my nose into Turn 1 and I got into him after that, but he'd already chopped into me and messed up my line and I clipped him a little bit coming off of (Turn) 2; but he just cut across my nose. Going down the back straightaway there, I guess he thought he was in a Sprint Car again; did not know how to control his anger. We'll keep fighting like we always do. It's just unfortunate not to end the way we wanted to. The Caterpillar Chevrolet and Grainger and Sprint and everybody else who helps put us on. But, it's just disappointing that you've got somebody old like that, that should be retired the way he drives. It's just ridiculous."

Q: You were racing him pretty aggressively for 9th place in the turns before that. Do you think he had any reason to be ticked off at you?
Newman: "I only hit him in Turn 1 when he cut across my nose. So, I don't think there was any reason other than him just being bipolar and having anger issues. Google Tony Stewart; you'll see all kinds of things he's done. Look it up. YouTube and everything else. Quite the guy."

Q: What happened from your perspective?
Newman: "Tony Stewart ran across my nose twice in one lap. The second one cost him and me. It's unfortunate. He has got issues. We all know he's got issues. He proved it again tonight. I was clearly inside of him getting into Turn 1, he cut across my nose, I was on the brakes, on the apron and I hit him coming off of Turn 2, but only because I got loose, I was on the apron. The next thing I know he is driving across my nose on the back straightaway because he's Tony Stewart and he thinks he owns everything. It's unfortunate, but shouldn't expect anything less from him." Chevy PR

AND: Stewart said Newman had run across his nose early in the race and then twice again before Stewart admitted he cut across Newman but obviously didn't want to wreck himself. "How many times does he get to run into you before you say, 'You've had enough?" Stewart said. As far as the harsh comments, Stewart said Newman was in a pressure-filled situation. "It's a stressful night for him," Stewart said. "He was trying to make the Chase. It's a stressful moment. He's going to say whatever he's going to say." The two drivers had been friends. "I'd say by that he probably doesn't want to be friends right now," Stewart said. "It's up to him."

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