Patrick not ready to retire, but looking to the future

NASCAR Superstar Danica Patrick
NASCAR Superstar Danica Patrick

She's not giving up on racing any time soon but NASCAR driver #10-Danica Patrick is already eying her next move.

"At this point and time it's racing but while I'm in racing, it's fun to develop relationships and plant the seed about all the other things that I love to do that will go beyond racing," Patrick tells

The 34-year-old stock car driver says her social media accounts helped her realize her second passion-health and wellness.

"You are what you eat," the avid cook added. Her Instagram is full of food pictures, ranging from the things she makes herself to promoting healthy on-the-go treats from her official sponsor, Nature's Bakery.

"I don't think they [Nature's Bakery] just came about and they just worked. I think they came about because that is what I'm putting out there. That's what I'm showing that I'm interested in. Authentic is harder and harder to come by in this world and I feel very fortunate that I have partners that are very authentic too," she says.

Nature's Bakery, a privately held snack and food brand, is happy about the partnership as well. Founder Dave Marson told that overall sales had grown more than 50% since they entered into a partnership with Patrick and the Stewart-Haas racing team.

"I was always confident that it was on an upward trajectory but I hope it exceeded their expectations," says Patrick. And she's not stopping there. Patrick is also developing a new clothing line called "Warrior," that is set to launch in January 2017, and has aspirations for a TV career. As for what's next in her racing career, Patrick says she won't quit until she wins in NASCAR. Fox Business

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