Video: F1 and IndyCar crash into each other

While crashes in Formula 1 are fairly common, as are crashes in Indycar, this might be the first time a crash has involved cars from both series.

The incident took place at the Monza round of Boss GP, a race series which allows eye-wateringly rich folk to play out their racing driver fantasies in a variety of single seater machinery, including cars from F1, Indycar, Champ Car, GP2 and World Series by Renault.

It's a great concept, allowing some of the world's fastest and finest race cars to remain in competition rather than collecting dust in a warehouse or mounted on some billionaire's lounge room wall.

Of course, while the cars might be top flight, the drivers aren't necessarily of the same caliber, leading to incidents like this one.

Having royally messed up Monza's Lesmo 2 corner, the Champ Car Panoz DP01 driver is unaware the Benetton F1 behind now has the run on him and slowly closes the door, causing a monumental accident. Thankfully, all involved seem to escape unharmed.

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