NASCAR says no aero package changes for the Chase

There will not be a change in the aerodynamic package for this year's Chase for the Sprint Cup, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller told in an exclusive interview Friday morning. This weekend at Kentucky Speedway, NASCAR is testing a new low-downforce package that was also used four weeks ago at Michigan International Speedway. If this test is successful, the Michigan/Kentucky specs will form the basis of the 2017 rules package. But won't be used in NASCAR's playoffs this season.

"I don't believe we'll get to changing the Chase around," Miller said.

"The 2016 (aero) package as it is has raced really good, provided really good racing, and I don't think that there will be any industry momentum to change the Chase around." Miller said it was possible the package could be run again before the regular season ended, just not in the Chase.

Miller said NASCAR officials were very pleased with the results they've gotten so far this year, when the quality of racing for the most part has been exceptional. More at FoxSports

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