Pirelli discussing fixed compound allocation for first 2017 races

Pirelli Tires
Pirelli Tires

Drivers may not have the same freedom to choose which compounds they take to each race at the beginning of the 2017 season according to Pirelli, due to the large-scale changes coming next year.

Currently drivers can select the quantity of each tire compound for each race, and whilst that rule will remain in place, it will cause Pirelli a headache at the start of the season as the new tires won't be finalized until November, therefore producing enough may not be possible.

The Italian supplier is therefore looking to have a fixed compound allocation for the first few races, according to Pirelli's motorsport racing director Mario Isola.

"The plan is to keep the same regulations [next year]," explained Isola on Friday.

"Of course we are discussing with the teams how we can implement this at the beginning of the year, because they will have a complete new product, complete new compounds, so it's difficult to select the compounds 14 weeks in advance for the first races.

"This is something that we have to discuss. In my opinion the regulation is working, so we have no reason to change it, but we need to find a solution at least for the first three or four races," he added.

"If they decide for example to have a fixed allocation at the beginning of the year, we can start producing. The plan is to finish the development of the 2017 product at the end of November."

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