Goodyear changes Kentucky tire after blistering found:

Change in Goodyear tires after test at Kentucky
Change in Goodyear tires after test at Kentucky

Following a two-day NASCAR test at Kentucky Speedway on June 13 and 14 featuring 14 different Cup teams, Goodyear saw an unusual amount of wear on the right side tires – which featured a dual-zone tread. The tire manufacturer elected to incorporate what was originally two inches of a more durable compound throughout the entire tread.

After discovering that the right side tires blistered on longer runs, Goodyear's director of racing Greg Stucker said the organization scrapped the Michigan tire for something closer to what the teams use at Las Vegas with a revised right-side construction.

"Some guys were ok, but it just seemed to be too close to stay with what we had," Stucker told

"So we decided to go a little bit more conservative and move to a harder compound across the whole tire. But it's not drastically different from what we've raced in the past."

Kentucky Speedway underwent a complete repave starting in January with an increase from 14 to 17-degrees banking of banking in Turns 1 and 2. By the time construction was complete, Goodyear did not have time for a specific tire test prior to the organizational test. With just 24 days between the NASCAR test and next week's Quaker State 400, Goodyear had to scramble for a solution. Goodyear manufactured 1,200 new tires for the race. Motorsport

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