Brian France talks about weekday races, new Cup sponsor, road course in Chase and more

Brian France
Brian France

NASCAR Chairman Brian France appeared on Fox Sports 1's "Race Day" before Sunday's race at Sonoma, some of the Q&A's:

Cup Series Title Sponsor hunt:

Q. The title sponsor, Sprint, has been for Cup a tremendous ally, and it runs out this year. Who's the next title sponsor for the Sprint Cup Series?
BRIAN FRANCE: Several companies here as a matter of fact this weekend, a number of companies taking a very hard look. It's a very special asset in sports. It's the only thing you can own outright. So we have a lot of interest, and we just want to make a good decision as we go down the stretch and choose our next partner.

Q. Is there a possibility of two major sponsors?
BRIAN FRANCE: Possible, but I think we have a lot of interest and I would be surprised, but I've been surprised before.

Q. Is there a deadline for you on this? Obviously you have to get it — the sooner the better.
BRIAN FRANCE: Well, we're right on schedule. We always thought it would be somewhere coming up into the fall, and that's exactly what's happened, so we're right on schedule.

Q. A road course in the Chase in the future?
BRIAN FRANCE: We would be for it. The reality is it's very hard to get the schedule to match up.

Q. More weeknight races maybe, changing on the schedule?
BRIAN FRANCE: Don't see that.

Q. Not even in the summer when people are out of —
BRIAN FRANCE: Don't see that. Moving All-Star race:

Q. All-Star Race location maybe on a rotational basis, maybe a new sponsor says, hey, maybe in Charlotte this year, but it might be at another track next year?
BRIAN FRANCE: Maybe, and there's a lot of interest in that very interesting event, and Charlotte has been good to us for a lot of reasons, but we'll always keep that open.(NASCAR)

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