FIA introduces safer driver bonus points for Formula 1 superlicense

The FIA has tweaked its Formula 1 superlicense points system by adding a 'Safety Bonus' which rewards drivers who have avoided picking up penalties during a season, which can go toward their superlicense total.

Currently the governing body awards a set number of points, depending on where a drivers finishes in the standings, which add up over three seasons and once they total 40, that driver will qualify for an F1 superlicense, allowing them to graduate to the series.

To boost their chances and to reward 'safer' drivers, the World Motor Sport Council has agreed to award an additional two points per season to any driver that avoids penalties for dangerous or unsporting behavior.

"For FIA championships where a penalty points system is in place, any driver having competed in the entire championship without being given any penalty point will be granted a 'Safety Bonus' – an additional two points on top of their achieved points," confirmed a statement.

The FIA has also expanded which series are eligible to award points, with Formula E (previously only the champion was granted points) and Australia's Supercars championship.

It has yet to confirm how many points the two series will be worth.

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