Formula E To Hold Virtual Race In Las Vegas With Likely $1M Jackpot

Formula E is planning a virtual race in Las Vegas next January with a likely $1M jackpot for the winner, according to Alan Baldwin of REUTERS.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said on Tuesday that the event, "pitting regular race drivers against a handful of fans on simulators, could even become a round of the regular championship in future." He said, "We think e-sports (electronic sports) is a huge opportunity and we want to be the first ones fully immersed in that. This will be the first virtual race with 20 professional drivers of a racing championship on a big stage and with a very large prize fund."

The Spanish entrepreneur said that the race would be part of the Jan. 5-8 global Consumer Electronics Show. While insiders indicated $1M as "the likely prize," Agag said only that the amount would be "significantly plus of six figures."

Agag added, "It will be a good jackpot for Vegas." To qualify, "Race to Vegas" competitions will be launched three months in advance for gamers "to sign up and compete online." Five are likely to secure slots. Agag: "The fun thing would be for a gamer to win it against the professional drivers. I think it’s going to be very tough" (REUTERS

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