Saturday IndyCar update from Texas Motor Speedway (Update 2)

UPDATE A real quick additional note: if tonight's race is delayed it will alter the plans of Scott Dixon and Sebastien Bourdais. Both planned on flying to France via charter immediately following this evening's race, so they could begin practicing for next week's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Again, because we are unsure of the status of tonight's race, we are unsure how exactly their plans will be impacted.

Lucille Dust reporting from a very wet Texas Motor Speedway

06/11/16 It has been steadily raining and thundering here at Texas Motor Speedway for about the last three hours.

We have 3 and a half hours to go before race time, and it will take at least two hours for the track to dry if and when the rain stops. There has been no official word on the status of this evening's race from INDYCAR, nor anything about a possible rescheduling of the race.

Lucille Dust reporting from Texas Motor Speedway

06/11/16 Good morning from Texas! The Firestone 600 is scheduled for green flag at 7:50 pm tonight. So the first activity at the track today is a systems check for the teams that want to check their cars at 4 pm today.

It is cloudy here this morning and there are possible thunderstorms now predicted for early afternoon. I will keep you posted on if the rain happens. Lucille Dust reporting from Texas

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